Dan Whitfield for Senate!

 I am running for The United States Senate in Arkansas as a progressive Independent. I believe a congressman should be a representative for ALL his constituents. The main point of our campaign is to give Arkansans their voices back.

A representative should be his constituents voice, not campaign financiers or special interest donors.

If you want your voice to be heard, I pledge to make it roar!

Who is my opponent? Take a look: WhoIsTomCotton.Com

Q. Dan, why are you running for office?

Dan: “I am running to unseat Tom Cotton because he obviously does not have Arkansans interests at heart while supposedly representing his constituents. He has voted time and time again for legislation that hurts us in exchange for huge sums of money. In 2014 he took $8.4 million dollars from the Koch brothers, then voted on the tax bill they lobbied $400 million into last year that ended up saving the Kochs $25 billion dollars a few months ago. This tax bill also raised the average working class Americans income taxes by $93 billion, while cutting corporate taxes by $90 billion last year alone. This is what happens in a pay to play government. I want to remove money form politics. I want to repeal citizens united, outlaw ALL congressional lobbying, and remove the financial interest that legislators have in voting on legislation.

Another important aspect of why he must be replaced is that he is warmongering foreign nations. He pushed a war with Iran and is now trying to begin a war with Mexico, our closest border ally. This may have something to do with the deal he brokered recently that now makes Arkansas the #1 supplier of smart guided missiles.

The reasons go on and on.. what really tells who he is is how when 67% of the children born in Arkansas are covered by medicaid, he votes to cut medicaid time and time again.”

We are a grassroots campaign whose goal is to give Arkansans their voices back by removing special interest money from politics. If we are going to take on corrupt and heavily bribed candidates, we will need everyone’s help!