A Livable Wage

I keep getting the question, “What is a livable wage?” and here is my answer. A person should not be working 2-3 jobs or 50-60 hours per week just to live paycheck to paycheck. There are no more cities in America where a single mom can work a full time job and be able to afford a 1 bedroom apartment. This wage should not be determined by the federal government, but should be determined state to state and county by county.

But the current minimum wage is too low. We have seen workers wages remain near stagnant over the last 20 years while CEO’s pay has increased 168%. If we change the way we classify business we can take on this challenge more easily.

We can reclassify business as small, medium, and large. Small business will be mom and pop shops that profit under $1,000,000/year. Medium business will be companies that profit under $100,000,000/year. Large corporations will be classified as business that profits more than $1,000,000,000/year.

Large corporation should be REQUIRED to pay a minimum of $15.00/hour. We can then tax businesses in a progressive way where small pay around 10%, medium pay around 20%, and large corporations pay 30% in taxes. This will alleviate that tax burden on struggles small business while enforcing corporations that profit billions to pay their fair share.

Capping Home Interest Rates

Why is it OK for a person to buy a $100,000 house then have to pay over $300,000 for it over 30 years? Then later that person sells their house and the big banks get yet another $300,000 out of it. If we capped home loan interest rates at 1-2% a persons mortgage on a $100,000 house would not be around $900/month, it would instead (without all of the huge interest included) be nearer to $500/month. This would allow more people to purchase houses, creating more homeowners.

It would also allow investors that must charge insane amounts of money for rent, to lower the renters costs because in turn their mortgages would be lower. Banks are profiting hundreds of billions while Americans are struggling to pay these crazy interest rates while barely touching their principle amounts.

Ending Right To Work

Businesses have been taking advantage of workers and enough is enough. Your boss could walk into your office today and let you know the company no longer needs you and send you on your way, they don’t even have to pay your PTO. Workers need protections that ensure as long as they are doing their job, they need not be worried of losing it. Just because your company no longer needs you, does not mean your bills will wait.