The time has come for America to follow every other industrialized nation and give it’s citizens universal healthcare. Our current health system is putting profits above the health of Americans. Citizens are literally dying because they cant afford their prescription drugs! The working class is spending 10-20% of their total income on health insurance which is completely unacceptable.

There is not a single country on Earth that has reverted from a single payer health insurance to a private system. Dan’s family spends around $8,300 a year on their insurance premiums, then must pay $3,500 in deductibles before his private insurance helps.

Last year he lost part of the hearing in his left ear (and now has tinnitus, never ending ringing, for the rest of his life) because of the costs (nearly $1,200 to get a referral and see a specialist plus the tests involved) required to get medical help. Dan understands the struggles of private health insurance and wants to make sure no more Americans suffer because they can’t afford medical care while paying huge sums of money for insurance.

America is the only modernized nation in the world where citizens can go bankrupt just for getting sick. Last year the top 5 pharmaceutical companies profited $69,000,000,000, while Americans DIED because they could not afford their prescription drugs! As a cable guy I went into houses where senior citizens had to cut their prescription pills in half because they couldn’t afford a refill!

Its time we tell these insurance companies that enough is enough and that we start putting People > Profits. Human misery should never be monetized.