Pro Second Amendment

Pro Second Amendment

Disarming citizens and taking our guns goes against everything that America stands for and further it is wrong for the Government to seize personal property. We should not be disarming ourselves while we are militarizing our police. At the same time, I do believe we need to close some loopholes in our gun laws and that is why I support HR8. We need to close the Gun Show loopholes that allow pretty much anyone to purchase a firearm.

This is because a person can purchase 10 firearms and complete background check. That person can then sell all 10 of those firearms to 10 different individuals without being required to confirm they have not lost the legal right to possess a firearm, felons can illegally purchase firearms this way from a person legally selling them.

We need to raise the age required to purchase a firearm to 21. We need to provide, enforce, and properly fund background checks in order to prevent the wrong people from being able to legally purchase firearms. We should also be supplying trigger locks for every firearm purchased.

As for assault weapons, I believe if a person goes through proper training, obtains a special license, and undergoes psychiatric evaluations, we should not ban them from owning an assault weapon. This would keep these dangerous weapons in the proper hands, and out of the hands of people unfit to wield them.

I do not believe that the Government should be relieving law-abiding citizens of their right to own a firearm.